by Daughter Fish

Thank goodness for cool fronts. A breeze blows in Brooklyn,  and my heat-induced rage over the weekend almost seems like a bad, very sweaty dream. In this new, peaceful state of mind I’ve  been working to perfect my unitard pattern.

Hold up. I’m not going to call it a unitard anymore. That’s such a hard, cruel sounding word, don’t you think? Too close to a school-yard taunt (Smooth move, unitard!). How about we just go with “maillot,” as in the French word for bathing suit. Incorrect usage, perhaps, but I like the way it sounds.

Where my last maillot was “Grace Kelly goes to the beach,” I’m hoping this cranberry-and-white chevroned version lands somewhere between these:

Ideally more on the Brigitte side, with just a sprinkle of 80′s aerobics action. For the record, I’m sorry  I made Jane look so mannish in that drawing.  I’ll be a happy woman if I look even half (even a quarter!) as good as she does in her 70′s (yeah, that’s right, folks. born in 1937!).

I’m also counting this maillot toward this week’s Sew Weekly challenge, to make something nautically themed.  If I were going to St. Tropez or taking out the yacht, I’d totally wear this outfit.

Unfortunately, we’re not making it to the Riviera  this season. Far Rockaway? Certainly. Jones Beach? For realz! Montauk? If I’m lucky (and probably off-season).

Now I have a question for those of you expert jersey knit seamsters. My finishing techniques need some help. I need a good book or other resource to learn how to sew better with jersey or spandex (how to expertly finish necklines and sleeves, to gauge stretchiness for patterns, etc). Got any hot tips?

My serger and I are also having a lover’s quarrel. I used my regular sewing machine on this maillot, because I just can’t get the tension right on my serger (the seams keep pulling apart). Any books/videos/tutorials you love on serging?