by Daughter Fish

Two weeks. Fifteen episodes of Mad Men. Three bottles of wine. A half bottle of whiskey. Three lost needles. Too many yards of black buttonhole thread. Apparently, that’s my recipe for sewing seven hand-worked buttonholes. There was much less swearing involved with finishing this part of Mr. Fish’s seersucker jacket. As I worked the little stitches, I felt like an old lady embroidering while watching her shows. All I needed were nose-tip reading glasses and an afghan around my shoulders.  I need to make a mini skirt, STAT.

Mr. Fish swears the jacket is “rad” and he’s going to wear it, but I can barely look at the thing. All I see are my mistakes, where it isn’t laying flat, where the buttonholes pucker. Perhaps the seersucker and I just need a little holiday from each other.

If you’re thinking of making hand-worked buttonholes, definitely use beeswax on your thread. It’s worth the minimal extra time of waxing and ironing the thread (described very well on this post). I used a 100 percent beeswax candle from my food coop, and it worked beautifully.

Now, for the winner of Friday’s pattern giveaway! Three lovely ladies guessed the correct patch number (it was 4), and by a random selection, the winner is Amy of Sew Well. Thanks for guessing everyone. Your stories of similar serger/sewing tragedies helped make me feel better. Amy, email me your info at daughterfish (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll drop that pattern in the mail.

Happy Monday.