by Daughter Fish

At some point this past weekend, while I was working on a writing project, the above phrase popped into my head. Like a kung fu master with a clipboard, I want to kick ass and take names. Of course, I’m not actually going to kick any one person’s booty. Just reach my own goals. Perhaps this mantra sprung into my head because I have a birthday coming up, which always brings more resolutions for me than New Year’s.

For said birthday, I received two packages on Friday from Mama Fish containing Gingher shears, a Gingher cutting matt, and Olfa rotary cutter (thanks Mom!!!). Mi madre says that my grandma has had a pair of Gingher’s for 30 years without ever having to sharpen them. The Colette Sewing Handbook was a gift to myself, and I can’t wait to work through Sarai’s techniques. If I may borrow from my own mantra, this book and its author definitely kicks ass.

As for the cutting matt and rotary cutter, I’m hoping they’ll help me perfect my newest pattern, a ballet top modeled after my maillot/unitards from this past summer.

Low backed, three-quarter sleeved, with a built-in shelf bra (with cups, yo!), this top is super comfy. I made my first version in black, which I wore every day last week (and even slept in a few nights, which accounts for the stretched out look in these pics…I was sick!).

This week I’m hoping to make a chevron version in some dreamy gray-and-black striped jersey I’ve been hoarding. Once I perfect the pattern, I’m going to give a little tutorial on the site.

Whatever you’re doing this week, may you kick ass and take names (now or later!).