by Daughter Fish

I was going to call this shirt Trixie, for the way her various parts slithered, puckered, and even shimmied as I sewed her. But that low-cut mesh back seems a a getup to commit real crimes in, so Lady MeshBeth—a close cousin to that tortured vixen, Lady MacBeth—was the only way to go.

The original pattern I took inspration from was a demure 1930′s evening gown, a reproduction from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library that I bought in a post-didn’t-make-my-wedding-dress-and-am-regretting-it fever.

That fever quickly passed when I realized how bat-crap crazy I would have gone sewing a bias-cut wedding dress (and I didn’t want Mr. Fish to see my crazy until we’d sealed the deal!). But even after coming to my senses, I still wanted to try out this pattern. I used it to make a nightgown from jersey knit,  as well as my Black/White Mashup dress, which has a similar mesh back.

For the shirt, I basically lengthened the bodice pieces of the dress. The front of the shirt is made of three pieces, and I adjusted the bottom  to be a little longer in the front than in the back, and slightly curved, for extra belly coverage.

Unfortunately, my serger and I were having a disagreement on tension, so those seams in the front are slightly rippled. I was too lazy to rip them apart, and since the rayon crinkles with wear, I think it all kind of works.

I cut the two top pieces of the front on the straight grain, and the bottom piece on the bias:

This may have contributed to some of the aforementioned puckering issues, but it also gives the bottom a nice drape, and I’m going to experiment more with mixing straight-cut and bias-cut pieces.

I finished the edges with bias tape from the same black fabric. This has been my favorite finishing technique lately (Colette Patterns has a great tutorial)

I’m selling version of this shirt on my Etsy shop, in the hope that the sun-starved and winter-sick are starting to hord clothes for summer. Perhaps that’s evil, preying on the seasonally affected? No, let’s just call it trixie.