by Daughter Fish

I have a new love affair, and it’s with this dress. If you caught my first post about Claire McCardell’s future dress¬†you’ll know I was a bit hesitant to wear such a floofy gown outside of my apartment. But thanks to encouragement from some of you and a resounding two thumbs up from Mr. Fish, I’ve worn my first version of the future dress to bars, restaurants, my local bodega for half ‘n half in the morning, and it’s become my go-to garment right out of bed. It took me a little while to get used to the draped tent shape, but now I can’t seem to get enough of it.

However, there are drawbacks to the long version for everyday wear. I decided my newest version should be shorter, perhaps something I could actually wear for work (or to the beach, ahem). I’d purchased discount chambray to try out a long version, but decided it was a good fit for a shorter one. The chambray has a nice drape, while staying a little stiffer than the rayon I used the first time. I think the stiffer fabric lends itself well to this shorter incarnation.

I think this dress also works (much better than my first) with a belt. The belted option also seems more office appropriate to me.

I’m putting together a little tutorial on how to draft your own future dress. Hopefully I’ll have it finished later this week. If you’re interested, dig out the old protractor, a ruler, and graph paper and get ready for some fashion math!


My cheap beer Friday extended to Sunday. Beach days rock!