by Daughter Fish

Every summer, Mr. Fish and I head up to visit friends in the Adironacks for some good ol’ outdoor fun and relaxation. I don’t think we even realized how badly we needed this until we canoed to our very own island camp (as in tent camp) last week on Lower Saranac Lake, and proceeded to do nothing but swim, nap, build campfires, cook hobo packet dinners, and play with our friends’ irrisistible toddler daughters. Mr. Fish and I made a pact not to bring our iPad and not to check email on our smart phones (and we were mostly successful).

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about the importance of sleep and getting downtime. Maybe it’s just a synergistic thing, but it seems I’ve read or heard something everyday lately on the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of relaxing. I definitely felt renewed and very zennish after four days on our little island.

The weekend gave me a good opportunity to sport my newest future dress, a utilitairan version made of heavy stretch denim with an oversized hood. It’s basically the love child of my original future dress and a sturdy pair of Carhartts. Until now, I think I always associated jean dresses with a very dark fashion period in the 80′s, a time of acid wash and dowdy button-up shifts favored by elementary school teachers (at least, in my memory). However, this dress has opened my mind. I mocked up the hood on Stella a few weeks ago.

I made the hood super oversized. It hangs pretty far down my back, and when I pull it over my head, it’s a little goth, but I like that. I’ve also been experimenting adding boning to the hoodie to make it into a useful sun visor. (I hate getting sun on my face, and would wear a hat all the time if I didn’t think it made me look like Blossom.) The boning gave the hood shape, but didn’t work terribly well because it bent out of shape. So I’ll have to find another way to make the hood less floppy.

From the front, the hood looks a little like a wide, vintage-y collar.

The best part about the dress, of course, is that it’s super comfortable, which is helping me relax even in the throws of our big move into Manhattan. I think Mr. Fish and I are going to have to prioritize¬†more private-island getaways now that we’ll be living in the thick of Midtown.

And I think I need to focus more on staying calm and relaxed in my daily life. I was just listening to¬†this great After the Jump podcast about work life balance, and how we need to get enough sleep (which I usually skimp on). I highly recommend all of Grace Bonney’s shows (and thanks Heather for referring me to them!).

Wherever you’re summering (or wintering:)), I hope you’re taking some time to relax and sleep!