by Daughter Fish

Lace at Mulberry Silks & Fine Fabrics, Chapel Hill, NC.

A couple weeks back, I mentioned to my friend Lesley, of Barely Domesticated, that I was curious about the textile scene in North Carolina (after an interview with NearSea Naturals founder Tara Bloyd piqued my interest). Lesley, a food editor, had a week free from work and a hankering for some BBQ and thrift shopping, so we hatched a plan to leave our menfolk at home and hit the road. It’s been fun. A real Girls-Gone-Wild-in-their-mid-30′s-with-one-expecting-a-baby style.  So, you know, lots of eating, sleeping, thrifting, and laughing. I can now cross NC pulled pork off my bucket list, and even scored a crazy-awesome Bergdorf wool frock for $5 that fits my blossoming belly. I can definitively say that Asheville is a great little town, and I will be back, hopefully at a time when the weather is a bit warmer (they’ve had a cold snap this week). It’s heavenly driving from gray, wintery New York into peach-tree blossoms and sweet southern accents.

Beyond all that, the big impetuous for the trip was that I wanted to record a few new podcast episodes. I’m not posting one this week because, well, I’ve been on the road. But next week, I’ll post  a fascinating interview with Bethanne Knudson, co-founder of The Oriole Mill, in Hendersonville, NC, which produces the most beautiful Jacquard fabrics I’ve seen outside of Lyon, France. It’s truly an amazing enterprise, and I’m really excited to share this episode.

Until then, I’ll share just a few images I’ve snapped this week. I finally broke down and started an Instagram account (@threadcultradio) for this trip, which I’m afraid might be turning into an unhealthy obsession.

Chicken’s at our Airbnb host’s place in Asheville. They had fresh eggs waiting for us in the fridge.

The cutting block at The BBQ Pit in Hickory, NC. They only sell pulled pork, cole slaw, and sauce.

After my episode last week with Sew Right’s Harvey Federman on buying sewing machines, I now realize this metal beauty at  a Salvation Army might not be the best buy.

Dobby looms at The Oriole Mill.

Southerners are so polite. The parking lot of Whole Foods, Chapel Hill. Might be one reason to consider moving south!