by Daughter Fish

Well, it’s official. My little bambina, every perfect inch of her, has officially arrived. Actually, she came on her due date—incredibly punctual (like her daddy)—exactly three weeks ago. It’s taken me a while posting about her because, well, motherhood is a lot more consuming than I thought it would be. Free moments have been spent napping, binge watching Netflix, letting my body rest, and generally tripping out on my baby. I feel like I’ve been in a place where, outside of “feeding time” and “sleep time,” time really doesn’t exist. It seems like I was in labor either yesterday or years ago.

To be totally honest, I’ve been hesitant posting about my little girl here. I’ve had an internal debate brewing over whether I should share her picture on my blog and on the internet in general. (I’m sort of doing a half-assed compromise by showing her beautiful half profile up top.) After discussing it with Mr. Fish, we’ve decided little fish should control her own internet privacy when she’s good and ready. I won’t be posting pictures of her, at least not with her face. DaughterFish will continue on as a place for me to share my makes (many of which, I’m sure will be for her) and Thread Cult episodes.

Speaking of Thread Cult, I’m hoping to get the latest episode, a great interview with Linda Lee of The Sewing Workshop about sewing with linen, up this week! Now I just need an hour to edit…