Sewing Small

by Daughter Fish

I’ve been making things again, after a long break, and it feels good.

These garments, clothes for my daughter, have been quick hits of creativity, finished in a few hours, and a great way to recharge my batteries. Sewing small is sometimes the best medicine to get me over the hump on a work project I’ve lost enthusiasm for or when I’m feeling general work/mamma/life burnout.

The past months have been full of big and great transitions in our home, and the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to finish any sewing projects. In December, we moved from our tiny 1 bedroom apartment in Midtown Manhattan to a comparatively ginormous (800 sq/ft!) 2 bedroom in Brooklyn. Despite many of our friends’ raised eyebrows—we’d lived in Brooklyn almost a decade—moving to Hell’s Kitchen, a block off Times Square with it’s oodles of tourists, was great. Living in a tiny apartment with a baby taught me a lot about simplifying. We don’t need a big kitchen, or a lot of clothes, or even lots of toys for our daughter.

What I didn’t love was sharing a room with my baby. Or having absolutely no space to lay out fabric and make beautiful, wearable things. Those restrictions started feeling taxing. I didn’t need a ton of space. But I did need more space. And Hell’s Kitchen, with its crazy rising rents, wasn’t going to give it to us for a price we could pay. So….back to Brooklyn!

And back to sewing.

1. Blue-and-white dress:  Made by Rae Geranium Dress pattern in Lotta Jansdotter quilting cotton picked up at Purl Soho, bodice lined in white linen

2. Me-drafted apron-style pinefore made from a remnant of stretchy denim I had laying around (the poke-y shoulder straps need fixing, the dress is reversible and the buttons are on the side not pictured)

3. Yellow-and-white striped dress: Made by Rae Geranium Dress pattern, again in Lotta Jansdotter quilting cotton picked up at Purl Soho, bodice lined in white linen

I love all three of these dresses. Does my daughter? Not so much. I’ve forced her to wear them a few times. Maybe she’ll be into them in a few weeks. You never know with toddlers.

Besides, I didn’t really sew them for her. I sewed them for me.