iPad ART!

by Daughter Fish

Title: Who Killed Laura Palmer?

Generally, I consider myself a slow adapter. It took me years to get a cell phone, and after a brief and unhappy liaison with a Blackberry, I’m back to my husband’s 5-year-old clam phone. I really don’t know much about apps, or how code works, or even if I’m writing about these correctly. But let me tell you, we just purchased an iPad2 last week and—as my sister used to say about her favorite Thai restaurant—it’s changed my life!

I made this quick sketch of my husband last night on the iPad (procreate app) right before we streamed an episode of Twin Peaks (on the iPad! Yes, 1990 meets 2011!). It was basically like using the coolest Etch A Sketch ever. I’m hooked. As I’ve written before, I don’t consider myself much of an artist, but drawing is fun and I find it amazing how it makes me use my eyes in new ways. I think I’ll try iPad drawing some dresses next!