by Daughter Fish

Somewhere around last January I started getting calls, emails, Facebook updates, and whispered announcements at parties. “I’m pregnant” one friend after another informed me, and now I find myself in June with at least 10 friends who just gave birth or who are due this summer. How does this happen? No, I know how it happens. I’m just having a serious Tree of Life moment. Really though, pregnancy is the weirdest and most amazing thing ever.

The beautiful mama in these pictures is my sister. My younger sister. And she’s pregnant with twins, a girl and boy. Somewhere in our twenties she surpassed me in the “being an adult” category, and while I’ve stretched out my arrested development, she got busy with marriage and having a family (these babes are numero quatro and cinco!). She’s the most relaxed mom. I can only aspire to such coolness.

I made this purple jersey wrap for my sis for her birthday. I’ve only made clothing for another person a few times, and always had their live, warm body right beside me for measuring and fitting. This was a challenge since sis lives across the continent in Bellevue, Washington, and because I wanted to surprise her.

I made the pattern using a wrap I already own as a base and integrated the shoulder and neck darts for soft gathers. I made the front long and tapered, so she can wrap it around herself, and later use the long ends as a nursing cover up (aka a “hooter hider”).

I think she looks fantastic. I still can’t figure how there are two babies in there. She’s so small! How does even one fit? I guess I’ll have to grow up to find all this stuff out.

If I could throw a party for my sister and other pregnant friends dispersed around the country, I would serve cucumber lemonade.

I saw some girls selling this on the street last weekend in Fort Greene and it sounded so delicious I whipped up a small batch yesterday.

Fizzy Cucumber Lemonade

Makes 4 drinks

My version requires an actual vegetable juicer, but if you don’t have one use this method for juicing the cucumber: Puree the cucumbers with a cup water until very smooth; strain the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth. I juiced the lemons and cucumbers with the skin on and the juice tasted great. But it did get a little bitter the next day (I think because of the bitter pith from the lemons). Either drink the juice the same day or peel the fruit and vegetables before juicing.

2 English cucumbers (organic if juicing skin)

2 lemons (organic if juicing skin)

maple syrup to taste

soda water

Juice the cucumbers and lemons (peel the lemons if desired). For each drink, add equal parts juice and soda water into a glass of ice; add maple syrup to taste (I like to use about 1 tablespoon per serving).