In March of 2010, I quit my fulltime job as a book editor to go freelance (thanks, in large part, to my husband’s support and unending confidence in me). A big part of that decision was to stop feeling locked down to a cubicle and start living the way I want to live. That meant making more time for creativity, for writing fiction, and learning to become better at the domestic arts that I love best: cooking and sewing.

I’m learning that a big part of making art and an artful life is about paying attention, about being brave, and learning to see the world in new ways. For me, it’s also about the physical act of making things with my hands. And that’s what I want to share with you here. The recipes I’ve been making, the vintage sewing techniques I’m learning, maybe some custom-drafted patterns, and sometimes just some inspirational nuggets I run across.

I live in Brooklyn, New York, with my husband, two cats, two sewing machines, and many cookbooks.

Christine Cyr Clisset

daughterfish [at] gmail [dot] com

*A little about the name of this blog:

I grew up fishing for halibut and black cod on my dad’s commercial longlining boat in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.  My family also spent many happy vacations sports fishing on lakes and rivers in eastern Oregon, and afternoons crabbing on the Siletz Bay near our home in Lincoln City. Fishing was a big part of our lives. Even though I now live thousands of miles from the Pacific, and haven’t set a line in water for a decade, I think I’ll always identified myself as the daughter of a fisherman.  But mom deserves all credit for turning me on to sewing, gardening, and cooking! (She sewed that purple dress up top, along with matching ones for her and Sister Fish!)